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Coffee Favorites


Get it hot, iced, or blended!



Almond Joy

almond, chocolate, coconut

Caramel Macchiato

caramel, vanilla

Milky Way

chocolate, caramel


chocolate, caramel, hazelnut

Sweet Anarchy

white chocolate, black cherry, amaretto

White Carmellow

white chocolate, caramel, toasted marshmallow

Almond Bliss

white chocolate, butterscotch, swiss chocolate almond

Banana Nut

chocolate, banana, hazelnut

Rocky Road

chocolate, toasted marshmallow, hazelnut


white chocolate, toasted marshmallow, coconut

Turtle Sundae

chocolate, caramel, praline

White Rose

white chocolate, raspberry, toasted marshmallow

Flavors & Combos

** denotes sugar free

Acapulco Gold

chocolate sauce, rum, orange, coconut

Almond Bliss

white chocolate powder, butterscotch, swiss chocolate almond

Almond Fudge

chocolate sauce, creme de cacao, almond

Almond Roca

chocolate sauce, butterscotch, almond

Almond Swirl

chocolate & white chocolate powder, almond, amaretto


white chocolate powder, tiramisu, toasted marshmallow


white chocolate powder, tiramisu, creme de cacao

Banana Cream

chocolate sauce, banana, vanilla

Banana Nut

chocolate sauce, banana, hazelnut

Black Forest

chocolate sauce, cherry


chocolate sauce, butterscotch, hazelnut


white chocolate powder, tiramisu, amaretto

Island Passion

chocolate sauce, jamaican rum, coconut

Karl's Creation

chocolate sauce, kahlua, creme de cacao

Raspberry Truffle

chocolate sauce, raspberry


chocolate sauce, caramel, cinnamon


chocolate sauce, hazelnut, coconut


chocolate sauce, coconut, creme de cacao

Turtle Sundae

chocolate sauce, caramel, praline

Vanilla Nut

chocolate sauce, vanilla 

White Chocolate Caramello

white chocolate powder, caramel, toasted marshmallow


California Dreamin'

tiramisu, almond

Copper Camel

caramel, butterscotch, irish cream

French Kiss

tiramisu, vanilla


caramel, coconut

Morning Kiss

toasted marshmallow, coconut

White Cloud

raspberry, white chocolate

Sugar Daddy

caramel, hazelnut

Butter Toffee

butterscotch, vanilla

Nutty Irishman

hazelnut, irish cream


rum, amaretto

Hot Butter Rum

rum, butterscotch


caramel, vanilla

Flavor & Combos

** denotes sugar free

Almond Bark**

almond, white chocolate

Almond Cream**

almond, vanilla

Banana Nut

banana, hazelnut

Banana Nut Toffee

banana, caramel, hazelnut

Banana Split

banana, creme de cacao

Bavarian Mint

coffee, chocolate mint

Blackberry Cheesecake

blackberry, white chocolate

Black Walnut

macadamia nut, hazelnut

Bleeding Heart

cherry, cinnamon

Blueberry Cheesecake

blueberry, white chocolate

Brown Velvet

creme de cacao, orange

Butter Nut

butterscotch, hazelnut

Butterscotch Puddin'

caramel, butterscotch, vanilla

California Dreaming

tiramisu, almond

Caramel Cream**

caramel, vanilla

Candy Cane

cherry, peppermint

Cherry Brandi**

cherry, amaretto

Chocodamia Torte**

creme de cacao, macadamia nut

Clover Club**

irish cream, cinnamon 

Coconut Cream**

coconut, vanilla

Cookies & Cream**

chocolate mint, amaretto

English Toffee Mint**

caramel, coffee, chocolate mint

Hazelnut Divinity**

hazelnut, creme de cacao

Hazelnut Hug**

hazelnut, white chocolate 

Hot Butter Rum

rum, butterscotch

Irish Mint

caramel, creme de menthe

Irish Rose

irish cream, raspberry

Kahlua Kamikaze

kahlua, butterscotch

Marshmallow Dream

toasted marshmalow, white chocolate

Marzipan Orange

orange, amaretto


creme de cacao, coffee

Nutty Heaven**

macadamia nut, white chocolate

Orange Spice

orange, cinnamon

Peach Bunny**

creme de cacao, peach

Peach Schnapps**

peach, amaretto


peach, vanilla

Peppermint Patti

peppermint, creme de cacao

Polar Bear

white chocolate, peppermint

Praline Silk

praline, white chocolate


praline, vanilla

Raspberry Almond

raspberry, almond

Raspberry Brandi**

raspberry, amaretto

Red Rum**

raspberry, rum


rum, amaretto

Ring O Fire (sprinkle with cinnamon)

vanilla, cinnamon

Star Spangled

white chocolate, strawberry, blueberry


tiramisu, butterscotch

Strawberry Cheesecake**

strawberry, white chocolate


strawberry, vanilla

Swiss Marriage**

swiss chocolate, almond, irish cream

Toasted Coconut**

coconut, hazelnut

Vanilla Nut**

vanilla, hazelnut

White Angel

white chocolate, coconut

White Cloud

white chocolate, raspberry

White Tiger**

white chocolate, butterscotch

White Russian**

white chocolate, kahlua

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