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Our Story

Smiles, Hand Crafted Beverages, and Relationships Since '93

Java History

Anticipating the demand and opportunity in the specialty coffee industry , Shane Murphy opened his first drive through location in Idaho Falls, Idaho in 1993. The business gained traction quickly and since the Idaho Falls flagship store opened, Java continued to grow throughout the Southeastern Idaho region and quickly became a staple in those communities.

His passion for Java ran deep and the goal was to bring amazing drinks with a lot of love, to you and your community. Over the past 30 years, Java has truly not only created the perfect cup and delicious coffees, but has been able to craft a menu to Include classic real fresh fruit smoothies, protein shakes, Java’s very own energy drinks and a lineup of ice cold flavored sodas.

Java has taken many years to build their systems, develop proprietary products and streamline distribution channels before ever expecting to successfully enter into the Franchise world. In 2019, Java developed a franchise system and is now franchising in Utah, Idaho and soon Montana.

With great pride, Java continues to Craft exceptional Coffees and is becoming a game changer in the Beverage Industry.


Mission Statement

Our #1 goal is to help people find the best version of themselves, including our team members. To do this you have to allow yourself to fail and allow yourself to fall, but never stop getting back up! We get so comfortable where we are that we never break out of our shell. Dare to be bold, dare to keep trying, and dare to be just a little bit better than you were yesterday. By embracing our 4 values we can find that best version of us.

Create a lifestyle. Java is about YOU BEING YOU! You choose your life, choose who you are and CHOOSE YOUR FLAVOR!!

Come for the drinks, stay for the Friendships, this is the Java Lifestyle!

We believe in being in the moment, be where your feet are now, savor the flavor of life if you will, and always make the most of it!!

Always have fun, get busy living, and keep on smiling!

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